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Why Private Cloud Architects?

How much does network downtime cost you?

Your computers and computer network are likely the most important business tools in your office. You rely on them every day to communicate and learn critical business information, analyze financial and business data, manage staff and inventory, and sell products and services.

So what happens when your computer network fails? Productivity is stalled or slowed, communication is hindered and billable time is lost. Whether you have had computer problems or a network meltdown, you know they cost you money, destroy employee morale, frustrate customers and are a source of significant stress and aggravation.

Is Your Business Data at Risk?

With the phenomenal growth of the Internet and the advances in wireless and mobile eBusiness solutions, network security has become increasingly more challenging. Today’s viruses and other forms of malicious software (malware) can spread rapidly via e-mail and networked systems infecting thousands around the world in a matter of hours.

Just because a network is secure today, doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow. Advisories from newsgroups and alerts from security companies create a never ending stream of information about new and dangerous viruses, worms, and Trojan Horses that can alter, destroy or inhibit the flow of information.

Stay One Step Ahead of Evolving Risks

Today, small to mid-size companies need the help of an IT professional to stay one step ahead of evolving risks. No longer can any company afford to take a “set it and forget it” approach to network security. Vigilance is critical. There are too many threats and too big a price to pay for lax security.

With Private Cloud Architects as your technology management partner you’ll be armed with the most up-to-date network security tools. Whether you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN), updated anti-virus software, content filtering, intrusion detection or a manual anti-virus patch, Private Cloud Architects will develop and implement a plan to protect the security and integrity of your business data. In the event that malware does penetrate your network, we will drop everything to isolate infected segments and systems, and repair the damage.

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